​Dr Monika Czerw - "Face of the Future" of Częstochowa

We are pleased to announce that the academic of the Chair of Educational Research of the Faculty of Social Sciences – dr Monika Czerw has become the May "Face of the Future" of Częstochowa. Dr Czerw specialises in sociotherapy, working for people vulnerabl... [...]

​Anselm Strauss Award for dr Katarzyna Kowal

Summing up the discussion and the vote held on 1-9 May 2020 by the Jury of the Anselm Strauss Award composed of prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Konecki - Chairman of the Jurydr hab. Anna Kacperczyk - Jury Secretary dr hab. Marek Gorzko - Jury Member dr Izabela Buk... [...]

​Virtual Open Day at JDU - May 19 at 10:00 am

Dear secondary school graduates! Our candidates, our friends!Since we can't go back to normal and have face to face interactions just yet, let's meet online!We invite you to the 1st Virtual Open Day of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa on May 19 at 10:... [...]


Quarantine was imposed on the Department of Neurology of the NMP Voivodship Specialist Hospital in Czestochowa. Dr. Beata Świątkowska-Flis, who is the Head of the Department and an academic at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Jan Dlugosz University in Cze... [...]


Psychoprevention – the field of study of the first cycle programme, implemented at the Faculty of Social Sciences of JDU in Czestochowa has received an accreditation certificate "Studies of the Future 2020". In addition, having been recognised by the Exper... [...]