Erasmus+ Incoming Students and Staff – Factfinder

You are warmly invited to visit Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (JDU). During your stay you will enhance university education, increase knowledge of the Polish culture and language, and provide yourself with an important life experience.

1. Incoming Students

The Erasmus+ study programme gives students from European countries the opportunity to study or take part in traineeships.

Sending university procedures

To stay at JDU, you should first contact the International Office at tour home institution to:

- make sure there is a valid inter-institutional agreement between your home university and JDU (PL CZESTOC02) – in your specific study field;

- find out all details about selection procedure and financial support;

- make sure that official nomination from your home institution has been forwarded to Jan Dlugosz University – the Department for Research & International Relations (

Documents to be provided

- Learning Agreement (Study)

- Learning Agreement (Traineeship)

- copy of a valid ID or passport,

- one passport-size photo.

During your stay

Appointments with the International Relations Office

In order to arrange an appointment with the International Relations Office contact

Courses and programmes in English

JDU offers various courses taught entirely in English or with English resources.

Courses details can be found here: LINK (Courses in English)

Changes to the Learning Agreement

In case you want to change the Learning Agreement you should first contact your home university to get approval to the suggested changes. Then you have to arrange a meeting with the Faculty Coordinators for the Erasmus+ Programme to get it approved. After that, take an appointment with the Department for Research & International Relations. We will update your courses together with you and send the approved document to your home University.

Extension of the Erasmus+ stay

If you wish to request an extension of your Erasmus+ study period at JDU, you need to provide us ( with the authorization from your home university (an e-mail will be enough).

Before leaving JDU

In order to officially close your Erasmus+ period at JDU, you have to take an appointment with the Department for Research & International Relations.
We will give you your final official certificate.

2. Incoming Staff

A. Staff Mobility for Teaching

The purpose of the stay

The Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment programme offers teaching staff the opportunity to spend a period of teaching at JDU with the aim of:

- offering teaching staff an occasion to update their job skills and grow professionally;

- expanding the range and contents of courses;

- promoting the exchange of competencies and experiences on teaching methods.

Who can participate

The following categories of teaching staff are eligible for the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme:

- full professors,

- associate professors,

- researchers.


Please bear in mind that JDU can only host you for the Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility programme if your home institution has a valid inter-institutional agreement with JDU.

Document to be provided

Mobility Agreement - Staff Mobility For Teaching

B. Technical and Administrative Stuff

Erasmus Staff Training Programme allows staff from Higher Education Institutions to acquire knowledge and specific know-how from experiences and examples of good practice abroad, as well as practical skills relevant for their current job and professional development.

Who can participate

At JDU we can host:

- employees of Erasmus and International Offices,

- employees of student advisory services,

- librarians and archivists.

If you work in any other university department, we will need to consider your request individually. You can approach us at


Please, note that we will not be able to host you if your proposed work programme does not include programme for at least 2 work days that are following each other. The programme must be prepared in collaboration with JDU employees.

Document to be provided

Mobility Agreement - Staff Mobility For Training