JDU Library


al. Armii Krajowej 36a
42-200 Częstochowa
tel. +48 34 361 24 52, +48 34 361 48 49

JDU Library is a real treasure of the University. It functions as the main research library and provides the library & information services of JDU. Its collection comprises volumes of all fields of science - almost 315,000 books, 35,000 scientific journals, and a collection of 9,000 special titles. All the publications are accessible through the local lending library, inter-faculty libraries and academic reading rooms. Readers have easy access to different sources of information of various fields: to licensed resources of, i.e. Royal Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics/American Physics Society & Chemical Abstracts, Ebsco, Elsevier, Springer, Scopus, Web of Science, Wiley, the journal of Nature & Science, as well as to the database created by the JDU librarians themselves: the bibliographic database of WinISIS, JDU Publication Database and Digital Library. The Library has been actively co-creating and sharing the resources of the Silesian Digital Library, and ensuring online access to the IBUK.Libra platform, the Legal Information Service – Legalis and to e-Publikacje Nauki Polskiej - a platform with a collection of various scientific publications released by Polish higher education institutions, scientific centres, museums, scientific associations and societies. Fulfilling its educational and cultural role, the Main Library is the heart of the University, being a gateway to knowledge and a guardian of academic achievements of the JDU community.