Faces of the Future of Częstochowa - research & development

The "Face of the Future" project is part of the celebrations of the 800th anniversary of Częstochowa. It aims to show the potential of young people aged 20-40, people who are active, successful, affect the development of Częstochowa and, at the same time, are ambassadors of the city in the country and abroad. Our academics who have been awarded the "Face of the Future" of Częstochowa title:

dr Katarzyna Zalas

A quick fact file:

- an academic of the Chair of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Social Sciences of JDU

- a graduate of Jan Dlugosz University

- received her PhD in social sciences in the discipline of pedagogy in 2018 at the University of Gdańsk

- research activity closely related to the history of the city of Częstochowa and the Częstochowa region

- an active member of the “Kreatywni Aktywnie” Association, the “Skrawek Nieba” Children’s Society and the „Psia Łatka" Foundation

dr Monika Czerw

A quick fact file:

- currently an academic of the Chair of Educational Research of the Faculty of Social Sciences of JDU

- a graduate of Jan Dlugosz University and the University of Opole

- received her PhD in pedagogy in 2015 at the University of Wrocław

- specialises in sociotherapy

- works for people vulnerable to abuse or prone to disability

- provides awareness training on abuse for young people

- deals with preventive measures aimed at combating abuse and addiction

- in 2015-2016: a co-organiser (together with Częstochowa City Council and Interdisciplinary Team) of Częstochowa Abuse Prevention Days - „Nie gódź się na przemoc. Pomóż sobie i innym” (“Don’t allow violence. Help yourself and others”), a preventive-educational event - „Życie bez strachu” (“Living without fear”), a specialist conference on “Częstochowa against the addictions and abuse in a family” (“Częstochowa przeciw uzależnieniom i przemocy w rodzinie”) and a conference on “The faces of addictions and abuse” („Oblicza uzależnień i przemocy”) (2016)

- in 2013 involved in many educational activities of the City of Częstochowa

dr Anna Irasiak

A quick fact file:

- PhD in pedagogy

- an academic at the Faculty of Social Sciences of JDU

- an expert sign language interpreter

- carries out scientific and didactic projects related to the education of future teachers, sign language and accessibility of the University to the needs of people with disabilities (a member of the JDU Disability Support team)

- popularises knowledge on Polish sign language and deaf culture (open lectures and trainings)

- cooperated with the Centre for the Deaf - „Bratnia Dłoń”

mgr Justyna Warwas

A quick fact file:

- currently an assistant at the Faculty of Art of JDU

- since 2012, a commissioner of the International Biennial of Miniature Art

- a curator of many exhibitions, associated with the Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts "Konduktorownia”

- numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions to her credit (e.g. New York, China, Nepal, Taiwan, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria, Vietnam) and photographic and illustrative publications in the Polish and foreign press