Our patron

Jan Długosz (Johannes Longinus) was born in 1415 in Brzeźnica (situated at the distance of several dozen kilometres from Częstochowa).

In the years 1428-31, he studied liberal arts at Kraków University. Then he worked for the Bishop of Kraków as a clerk, steward and an intermediary. After the bishop died, Jan Długosz served King Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk. He was also a royal tutor.

Długosz became famous as an outstanding historian and chronicler. His best known work – Annals, or the Chronicles of the Famous Kingdom of Poland is unrivalled in the entire historiography of Europe at the close of the Middle Ages. It is also an invaluable source of knowledge for anyone interested in the history of Poland and Europe.

It is worth noting that for a dozen or so years Jan Długosz was a parish priest in the parish in Kłobuck, not far from Częstochowa. Before applying to Polish parliament (the Sejm) to transform the Higher Teacher Education School into a University, long disputes were held about choosing a historical figure worthy of being a patron for the new Alma Mater. The conclusion was that the best candidate was Jan Długosz. The proposition was presented to the Senate of the Higher Teacher Education School during their meeting on 26 March 2003 and the outstanding chronicler was elected to be the patron of our University.