University of the Third Age

U3A of JDU

Research has suggested that lifelong learning keeps both the body and mind in shape regardless of age. For that reason, for the last 25 years now, the retired community of Czestochowa and its region has been coming together to actively take a wide range of educational opportunities offered by the University of the Third Age (U3A). This lively JDU organisation that welcomes people who are no longer in full time employment by virtue of their age focuses on educational, creative & leisure activities, giving its members a chance to learn from each other, to share skills and abilities and to enjoy common interests in a friendly environment. A varied programme, tailored uniquely for the senior citizens, includes courses & training in foreign languages, sport, recreation, yoga, computer basics and the Internet use. Socio-cultural events are a nice addition to the busy schedule of the U3A. Its community, whose number reaches 650 each year, engages in lectures and topical talks, field trips, or visits to local cultural centres and facilities, including the theatre, the philharmonic, museums or art galleries.