Dual studies

'German for business trading' 

A dual programme of studies offered by the Institute of Foreign Languages of JDU combines a theoretical learning at the university with paid practical training at a company.

The objective of these practice-oriented studies is the comprehension of the German language up to B2 level together with the study of a second foreign language up to B1 level (English or French) as well as the study of the basics of economics & accounting enhanced by the practical skills gained through a three-month high-level internship directly related to the course undergone during each year of study. Due to direct contact with the employer at ZF Group European Shared Services Centre based in Częstochowa - a global leader in automotive industry, students gain valuable professional experience and technical language competence during their course of studies.

The internship helps students gain insight into the field of global business services and operational tasks together with their execution & handling (e.g. purchasing, accounting, or HR) and offers ‘on the job’ training while still doing the university course.

Students of 'German for business trading' equip themselves with marketable skills for the current labour market where specialist knowledge as well as specialist language and professional competence are the key to a successful career.

An international student keen on taking up the course, appllies directly to the Faculty of Philology & History submitting all the required documents in the paper form in person or through an electronic or traditional mailing system.

Faculty of Philology & History:

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e-mail: wfh@ujd.edu.pl

Institute of Foreign Languages:

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