General information for international students

JDU welcomes applications from international students.

In accordance with Article 323(1) of the Law on Higher Education and Science, foreigners may undertake full-time 1st, 2nd, 3rd or long cycle studies, postgraduate programmes, studies at the Doctoral School, specialised education and other forms of education and participate in the conduct of scientific activities on the basis of:

1. international agreements, in accordance with the principles set out in those agreements;

2. contracts concluded with foreign entities by the university, in accordance with the rules laid down in those agreements;

3. minister's decision;

4. decision of the Director of the NAWA (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) in respect of its scholarship holders;

5. the decision of the Director of the NCN (National Science Centre) to grant funding for the implementation of basic research in the form of a research project, traineeship or scholarship, eligible for funding through a competition;

6. administrative decision of the rector, of the director of the PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), of the director of a research institute or the director of an international institute