General information for international students

JDU welcomes applications from international students.

Students who are not citizens of Poland, referred to as foreigners or international students, can apply for undergraduate and graduate courses at JDU if:

-> they have been granted visa or a residence permit, or other document entitling them to enter and stay in Poland,

-> they provide a medical certificate as proof of good health and no contraindications against attending selected courses,

-> they have an accident and health insurance coverage for the period of their stay in Poland or the European Health Insurance Card, or take out health insurance with the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) immediately after commencing education in Poland.

International students apply for the admission at JDU through:

the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange which assigns foreign students for selected programmes, with no obligation to undertake a foundation (preparatory) course in Polish


the centre in which international students take a preparatory course in Polish


direct enrolment