​Disability Support at JDU

We encourage students and doctoral students with disabilities whose health situation makes it difficult or impossible to perform their academic duties in a standard way, to contact the Office of the Disability Support team of JDU. They coordinate activities to support students and doctoral students with disabilities in the process of learning, including educational support and specialist counselling. The primary task of the service is to work together to ensure that students with disabilities have equal rights in access to education.

Contact the Disability Support if you need to:

- talk about the impact of your health situation on the process of studying in conditions that ensure discretion

- identify difficulties in performing academic duties due to your health

- individualise the teaching process, including the conditions for studying based upon your needs

- find out what technological solutions could help you study.

Contact details:

Waszyngtona 4/8, 42-200 Częstochowa, third floor room 333

phone: 34/378-42-83; -81

e-mail: pon@ujd.edu.pl