The Open Day attracted the attention and interest of not only people from our city and region, but also from distant places in Poland. During the event, JDU showcased over 100 different activities, including the inaugural spectacle, gatherings, workshops, concerts, shows, presentations and lectures. Students and staff were eager to talk about fields of study and development opportunities, which attracted the attention of many interested parties. The atmosphere was great and all activities were carried out with great commitment and professionalism.

We are glad that so many people showed interest in our University during the Open Day. We are convinced that we have managed to provide a lot of valuable information about our educational offer and development opportunities for future students. We hope that this event has inspired and encouraged many of them to study and develop their careers at our University.

The Open Day is one of the most important events in the academic year, and its success would not be possible without the support and help of our students and staff. They devoted their time and energy to ensure not only a rich programme, but also excellent character and atmosphere during the entire event. Their contribution to the organisation of the event was invaluable! We would like to thank everyone who helped and contributed to its success.