On 18 October 2022, the Act of 7 October 2022 on special solutions for the protection of energy consumers in connection with the situation on the electricity market (Journal of Laws 2022.2127) entered into force. This act obliges public finance sector units, including universities, to reduce electricity consumption. The duties of each unit of the University include rational and thoughtful use of energy-consuming devices in order to generate savings.

Therefore, we appeal to employees, students and doctoral students to implement simple rules that will allow us to reduce the University's bills, but also to shape and cultivate an attitude of respect and care for the environment.

Please pay special attention to the following activities:

- Remember to turn off unused devices (including those less obvious – such as a shared printer or coffee machine).

- Do not leave devices in standby mode (e.g. computers, monitors, printers, scanners).

- Turn off unnecessary lighting and do not cover windows unnecessarily. Use natural light whenever you can.

- Do you make coffee or tea? Boil only as much water as you need in the electric kettle.

- Do not leave the window open for too long. If you feel too hot, reduce the heating.

- Do not print unnecessary documents and e-mails.

- Do not use electrical appliances such as heaters.

By taking these simple actions on a daily basis, we have a real impact on reducing energy and resource consumption, and thus protecting our planet and reducing the operating costs of the University.