Last Friday nearly two hundred and fifty people participated in the V Fitness Marathon organised by the academics of the Physical Education & Sport Centre. During the event, four thirty-minute training blocks were presented: Zumba, TBC, strengthening training, stretching with elements of yoga and relaxation. The warm-up preceding the exercises was led by students of the fitness in the field of Physical Education, who were making their debut in this role. In addition to JDU students, the hall of the Academic Sports Centre also hosted over 170 high school graduates from Częstochowa high schools. The event, the aim of which was to popularise physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, was also combined with the presentation of study programmes for future candidates. During the breaks between trainings, the students of the graduating classes could get acquainted with promotional materials and presentations prepared by the staff and students of individual faculties and fields of study. Among the participants, there was also a draw for many in-kind prizes, vouchers for training in fitness clubs and gyms as well as for physiotherapy consultations, tickets to RKS Raków football matches, tickets to a theatre performance, etc.

We would like to thank all our friends - fitness instructors, companies, sponsors and academics of the University for their cooperation and help in the preparation of the event and invite everyone to the next edition.