success of our researchers

Once again, researchers from Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa were among the most influential scientists in the world in terms of the accepted citation rates of their publications.

The names of the 2% of the most prominent scientists ranked on the basis of the adopted indicators of evaluation of scientific achievements were published on the website based on data compiled by Stanford University. The ranking covers the scientific achievements for 2021 and the entire period of scientific work.

The ranking covering 2021 includes two scientists from the Faculty of Science and Technology:

- Prof. Yuriy Povstenko,

- Prof. Jarosław Krzywański.

In the list covering the entire scientific career, four scientists associated with the Faculty of Science and Technology were indicated:

- Prof. Yuriy Povstenko,

- Prof. Oleh Shpotyuk, PhD,

- Prof. Jarosław Krzywański, PhD, Eng.,

- prof. dr hab. Wanda Śliwa (retired employee).

It is worth noting that the above-mentioned researchers have once again found themselves in such a prestigious group.

We would like to congratulate the awarded Professors and wish them further success!