The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has sent information on the consideration of appeals filed by Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa regarding the categorization of scientific disciplines (February 4, 2023). As a result of the analysis carried out by the ministry, two disciplines that have had so far (under the decision of summer 2022) a scientific category B+, received category A: visual arts and conservation of works of art as well as musical arts.

The appeals filed by the University in two other disciplines: security sciences and philosophy were also successful. Let us remind you that so far they have had category B. As a result of the appeal, the ministry granted them category B +! In addition, the Ministry decided to maintain the decisions issued last year regarding the disciplines: category B+ for physical sciences and category A for chemical sciences.

Here is how the results of the University obtained in the evaluation process (after taking into account the appeals) are now:

- history - category A

- literary studies - category A

- chemical sciences - category A

- legal sciences - category A

- musical arts - category A

- fine arts and conservation of works of art - category A

- philosophy - category B +

- linguistics - category B +

- physical sciences - category B +

- physical culture sciences - category B +

- health sciences - category B +

- science of safety - category B+

- pedagogy - category B +

To sum up, out of 13 evaluated disciplines, as many as 6 obtained category A, 7 - category B +. The achieved result means a huge success of the entire academic community, especially people who had an impact on the development of achievements, which were recognized by experts awarding scientific categories! In addition to prestige, grades allow us to change the name of the University: from the so-called "adjectival" university to the classic one.