New JDU project - ​Open education programmes

In order to achieve the objective of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, which is the development of the area of education related to the concept of lifelong learning, including, in particular, forms of postgraduate studies, further education courses and training, the JDU Centre for Lifelong Learning has started work on coordinating the tasks carried out at the University in this field. These activities were covered by the intra-university project " Open education at JDU".

The following activities are carried out within the project:

1. University of Children and Youth

2. University of students preparing for the matriculation examination (A level exams)

3. University of the Third Age

4. Centre for Courses and Training

5. Centre for Postgraduate Studies

6. Teacher Training Centre

7. Masters of Didactics

8. University Open Lectures

9. University in the Library

10. Examination Centre

The aim of the University of Children and Youth is to create a space of meeting and dialogue between children and young people and the university community in order to awaken and develop the talents of the participants. The University of Children and Youth consists of:

1. University of Young Polyglots

2. University of Young Explorers

3. University of Young Athletes

4. University of Young Artists

The Centre for Lifelong Learning of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa propagates cultural and educational activity. It is committed to providing high quality learning opportunities to all age groups catering for their various needs.

They pride themselves on providing:

- language courses

- postgraduate studies

- skill improvement courses

- training programmes carried out in cooperation with other JDU units

- lectures, seminars, conferences and other events not carried out by other JDU units

The intra-university project " Open education at JDU" promotes learning opportunities beyond traditional schooling, engaging learners from all backgrounds and all walks of life.