Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa has signed a letter of intent with RKS Raków Częstochowa. The document regulating the principles of cooperation was signed by the Rector Prof. Anna Wypych-Gawrońska and the President of the Club Adam Krawczak. The initiator of the signing of the letter was an employee of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Arkadiusz Marzec

For partners, cooperation can become a source of various benefits. Thanks to it, students of the University gain the opportunity to undergo interesting internships, during which they will acquire skills regarding the organisation of mass events, improving instructor and coaching skills, creating a business plan, preparing journalistic and promotional materials. The willingness to prepare diploma theses related to the activities and history of the Club was declared. The document also mentions other areas of cooperation - RKS Raków in cooperation with the University declares the implementation of joint research and educational projects in various areas of activity: physical culture, sport and promotion. President Adam Krawczak emphasized the importance of the agreement, explaining that it is beneficial for the Club, which is constantly developing and on this path it needs the support of the local environment, including such a partner as the University. He assured that the ambitions of the Club's authorities reach high and the team is trying to fight for the most important football trophies in Poland in the confrontation with European teams. During the meeting with the representatives of the Club, issues related to other areas of cooperation were also discussed. The Rector invited the employees and players of the Club to study at the University and use its facilities and employee experience. It has not been ruled out that even postgraduate studies dedicated to young people associated with Rakow will be created, which will certainly meet with interest among a wide range of people associated with the Club. By establishing cooperation with the Club, whose team is currently the leader of the Ekstraklasa, the University has gained an important and strong partner.