1. New Zealand - Rafał Siderski

At the turn of October and November, in New Zealand dr Rafał Siderski researched and documented the traces of Polish Siberians who emigrated there after World War II. One of them was Bolesław Augustis, a pre-war photographer from Białystok, who was discovered by Grzegorz Dąbrowski in 2004 (his photos can be seen on: albom.pl). The participants of the trip were involved in the digitization of photographs from private and family collections, as well as those that survived the turmoil of war and a ship trip to the other end of the world. They are the igniters of memory and it is thanks to them that Siberians and their descendants tell their stories. The trip was organised by WIDOK Cultural Education Association and the Sybir Memorial Museum as part of the project "Bolesław Augustis and Siberians from New Zealand. Preliminary research and digitization of selected archives" co-financed by the POLONIKA National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad and from the budget of the City of Bialystok.

2. Norway - Jadwiga Janowska

An excerpt from the "False Flag" series by Jadwiga Janowska was presented on 14-29 October at the Preus Museum in Norway, during Photofestival Oslo Negativ. In False Flag, the author uses photographs of the Gliwice radio station to tell a story about how the meaning of a place changes with the passage of time; It is a story of control, pretense, and mismatch. After the exhibition, the Preus Museum decided to include the author's works in its collection.

3. France - Jakub Dziewit

The photo books "Desires of meaning" and "This is not another Martin Parrexhibition" by Jakub Dziewit, M.A., were presented on November 10 at the Polish Photo Brunch at the Polish Institute in Paris. As part of the event, which accompanied Paris Photo (one of the largest photo fairs in the world), selected of the most interesting Polish photographic publications were presented. In addition to the Polish Institute, the event was also organised by the Contemporary Lynx magazine, which promotes Polish art abroad.