​Academics of Chair of Security Science participate IN "STRONG WHITE AND RED" MILITARY PICNIC

The JDU academics of the Chair of Security Science together with the students of National Security participated in the Military Picnic "Strong White and Red" on the occasion of the Polish Armed Forces Day in Kochanowice (August 12, 2023) and Olsztyn (August 15, 2023). During the picnic, military equipment was showcased: tanks (Abrams, Leopard or K2), KTO Rosomak, WR Langusta, Poprad and Rak, which the Polish army is equipped with. Direct contact with professional crews and the opportunity to learn about the construction of combat vehicles allowed visitors to learn about the specifics of service in selected military specialties. Representatives of Military Recruitment Centres and military units were present at the recruitment points, who provided information on how to join the ranks of the Polish Army.

The employees of the Chair and the students of the Faculty presented the educational offer in the field of National Security as well as the Academic Legion programme which our University participates in. The JDU stand attracted exceptionally high interest, which – we hope – will translate into the number of future students of the Faculty.