At the Faculty of Science and Technology under the direction of prof. Wojciech Ciesielski, R&D works are underway to develop technologies for the production of innovative nutraceutics and cosmetics using waste ingested in wine production. This technology is part of today's green zero waste policy, which aims to reduce the amount of waste produced in different industrial areas by looking for new opportunities for its management and reuse.

As part of the pre-implementation work funded by the Innovation Incubator 2.0 project, oils from the extrusors of different vine varieties have so far been obtained and identified which ones have the highest value in terms of biologically active substances. The yields and quality of grape seed oils have also been determined, with particular reference to vitamins A, D, E and K and sterols. As part of the project, functional tea recipes with the addition of resveratrol fractions are also being developed, which can be used in the prevention of circulatory diseases. Scientific and research studies have been carried out to assess the possibility of using waste after wine making for the production of cosmetics.

This study consists of an analysis of the possibility of using grape seed oil for the production of moisturising cosmetics and an analysis of the possibility of using ground grape seeds as a peeling substance in the production of cosmetics. This analysis identified the possibility of using both substances after they have been approved for use by the PZH and confirmed their compatibility with the Cosmetic Products Act and the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) on cosmetic products. The pre-implementation work carried out allowed the development of a set of necessary measures, the fulfilment of which will be necessary in order to bring ready-made products to the cosmetology market.