The Authorities of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa ask the whole academic community to take all necessary measures that are aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus in Poland. Based on the decisions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the whole university activity: teaching classes, conferences and university events has been suspended. The University's staff, together with the administration, has switched to remote work to the maximum extent, at the same time, allowing employees to fulfil their teaching, scientific and administrative duties, and students to be educated. This is also possible thanks to the University's already owned distance learning tools. It is also recommended to use e-mail and telephone contacts with the University's units in administrative matters.

During the epidemic, a lot depends on us – let us all avoid mass gatherings and large community events, and if possible – let us work remotely, keep hygiene rules that will protect us and our loved ones from the spread of the coronavirus, let us base our knowledge of the epidemic on reliable sources, especially those given on the following sites: gov.pl/koronawirus and gis.gov.pl, let us watch out for fake news and fight fake news. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has made a request to report on any fake news by emailing the Ministry on koronawirus@kprm.gov.pl with the subject "fake news". 

If we happen to be symptomatic - notice the symptoms accompanying the coronavirus, let us call the nearest sanitary and epidemiological station or the National Health Fund (NFZ) hotline on: 800 190 590.