Dear Employees, Students and Doctoral Students,

Dear members of the Community of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa

For more than half a year now, we have been operating in a completely new reality at our University, the reality related to the coronavirus pandemic. After the experience of the previous semester, we prepared ourselves for the implementation of teaching and research tasks in the new academic year, hoping to return to normal functioning, including classes conducted at the University's premises. Due to the epidemic situation, we have planned hybrid classes in the winter semester, taking into account both possible forms of work, stationary and remote. We were particularly interested in introducing students of the first year of all fields of study into the traditional academic reality.

In recent days, the pandemic has particularly affected the inhabitants of the Częstochowa region, which has been declared a red zone and is subject to the most serious state of restrictions to date aimed at preventing the further effects of the spread of coronavirus. This decision has had a severe impact on the organisation of the activities and functioning of the community of our University. In the interests of the safety of the members of the University community, which is an absolute priority for me, I decided to introduce level 3 of the COVID-19 safety system protocol in force at the University LINK HERE . This level will remain in effect until the decision to include the city or county in the red zone is changed.

I am fully aware that regardless of the epidemic situation, every day we, as members of the University community, carry out the teaching, research and organisational tasks that result from the mission and strategy of the University. I know how difficult it is for each and every of you to carry out your duties effectively. I would like to assure you that we are making every effort possible to ensure that our University operates in the best possible way even in the most difficult conditions. Extraordinary meetings of the Rector's Collegium shall be held regularly (remotely), comprising representatives of all units of the University. The solutions introduced are thoroughly analysed and consulted. Current regulations and announcements are posted to members of the University community in the tab "Safety & protection procedures at the University" LINK HERE. In the tab "Safety & protection procedures at the University" are also placed "Procedures of conduct. Handling of the epidemiological emergency with SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus for students and staff" LINK HERE, indicating how to act in various cases related to the eventuality of infection. I hope that thanks to these solutions you will receive quick information about the current situation and guidance on how to proceed.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you, academics, administrative and service personnel, students and doctoral students for your commitment and efforts in the university's operation in the current, extremely difficult reality! I believe that, in the face of such a huge challenge as a community, we are absolutely up to it and I hope that we will be able to carry out our tasks and responsibilities as best as possible in the coming months.

Please, report any problems, as well as proposals for action, through the e-mail addresses of the relevant faculties and units, as well as to the rektor@ujd.edu.pl. Any decision related to the way the University operates will be made in accordance with the current epidemic situation in the country and in the world, in a sense of responsibility for the safety, health and life of members of the academic community.

Expressing my deep hope for a return to normal functioning as soon as possible, I wish you and your loved ones health, perseverance and peace! I am convinced that by acting in a sense of mutual understanding, taking care of our safe conduct at the University’s premises and beyond, helping each other, we will be able to survive even the most difficult time!

Prof. dr hab. Anna Wypych-Gawrońska

Rector of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa