The Foundation for the Development of the Education System (PL: FRSE) announces the completion of the evaluation of applications submitted within the PO WER Programme for students with disabilities funded by the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (PO WER) in the competition for applications 2020. The application submitted by Bartłomiej Kowalik, MA and Illia Kulchikovskyi, MA - the JDU specialists for foreign relations and coordinators for the Erasmus+ Programme was approved for implementation. The FRSE grants the University the funding of 174 599.00 PLN to subsidise:

- studies abroad of students eligible for the "social allowance" – 8,

- practical training abroad of students eligible for the "social allowance" – 3,

- studies abroad of students with disabilities – 1,

- practical training abroad of students with disabilities – 1.

All JDU students and doctoral students who are entitled to a social grant in a semester that is ongoing or ended just before travelling abroad or those who hold a disability certificate within 4 weeks before the departure are eligible to participate in the project. The information on the current recruitment for the programme is available HERE.

Coordinators for the Erasmus+ Programme:

Illia Kulchikovskyi, MA – student mobility

phone: +48 34 3784 271 (PL, EN, UA, RU), room 143

e-mail: international@ujd.edu.pl

e-mail: i.kulchikovskyi@ujd.edu.pl

Bartłomiej Kowalik, MA – staff mobility 

phone: +48 34 37 84 364, room 116

e-mail: international@ujd.edu.pl

e-mail: b.kowalik@ujd.edu.pl

Faculty coordinators: HERE