Philosophers' invitation to open lecture by Raja Natarajan

The board members of the Częstochowa Branch of Polish Philosophical Society cordially invite to a lecture on ‘Oppositions in Pure versus Applied Logics’ delivered by Raja Natarajan (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India).

Date: March 19 (Tuesday) at 5 pm

Venue: Armii Krajowej 36a, room 26 (DE-26)


'An interesting perspective on the traditional opposition between pure and applied sciences is provided by Pasteur's Quadrant. Pasteur's quadrant states the thesis that scientific research tries to both push back the frontiers of knowledge, while at the same time also tries to use the new understanding gained for improving human life. Pasteur's quadrant may be viewed as an attempt to deconstruct the traditional opposition between pure science versus applied science. We use the framework of the quadrant to examine the opposition between pure and applied logic, using the insights gained in work on automated proof-checking.'