Most Sought-After talents in labour market 2019 made at JDU!

Business Insider - a financial and business news website has published the most sought-after jobs of 2019. Among careers and skills in high demand with employers are those offered by the Institute of Technical Education and Safety Systems of JDU. Classified second in the ranking is the job of a cyber safety specialist with the educational programme offered by the faculty of Forensics and Safety Systems of JDU as well as the Faculty of Safety Engineering of JDU, with the specialty of industrial espionage and data security. Ranked sixths is a personal data protection officer. For all those interested in this career, JDU offers postgraduate studies in personal data protection, developed in cooperation with the Polish Institute of Internal Control, with the enrolment commencing on March 1, 2019. Another future sought-after profession is a manufacturing product manager with engineering competences essential in production implementation. For those seeking an opportunity in this area, the field of study: innovative technologies and modern materials is also on offer!