Under the National Immunisation Programme, the students and academics of medical fields are the first candidates to be vaccinated (from the so-called “stage zero”). In this group there are academics of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa of the following fields of study: nursing and physiotherapy. According to the vaccination guidelines, all the volunteers (as vaccination is voluntary) can apply and be vaccinated accordingly, regardless of whether they have already had COVID-19 or not.

Those interested, please report to me.marczak@ujd.edu.pl by 8 January 2021. Additionally, please send your declaration by 8 January 2021 to:

physiotherapy – dr Anna Pilis (a.pilis@ujd.edu.pl)

nursing – dr Marek Kluszczyński (m.kluszczynski@ujd.edu.pl)

Other academics will be given the COVID-19 vaccine (stage I) from mid-January 2021.

Detailed and up-to-date information on vaccinations can be obtained on: Website of the Republic of Poland and by calling the free hotline of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme on 989.