Just before Christmas, the first series of lectures and workshops as part of the international project "Living healthy and being active" ended. The participants of the project met within the walls of our University on four Saturdays to listen to lectures and take part in practical classes on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, cosmetology of mature skin and sports activity. Classes as part of the event met with a very positive reception.

It is worth reminding that the University Center for Lifelong Learning in cooperation with the Faculty of Health Sciences won the international project "Living healthy and being active" as part of the Social Responsibility of Science – Excellent Science programme. Our University will cooperate with the University of Žilina (Slovakia).

The project is dedicated to seniors. Lectures and workshops have a positive impact not only on the awareness and health condition of seniors, they also indirectly affect their mental condition. We assume that the planned activities will slow down and even prevent depressive and anxiety complications common in this age group.

The second edition of the classes will start on April 22, 2023. Recruitment is ongoing. If interested, please contact UCKU: tel. 34 3783120 or e-mail: ucku@ujd.edu.pl