Gallery 113, Faculty of Art, Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, ul. Dąbrowskiego 14, Czestochowa, Poland, curator of the exhibition Agnieszka Półrola, May 4-31, 2021.

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan was born in 1973 in Cairo, where he still lives and works. Egyptian visual artist, designer, graphic artist. In 2010, he defended his PhD in Arts at the Helwan University in Cairo. Lecturer at the University of Giza "October 6 University", works at the Faculty of Applied Arts. Mohamed Zakaria Soltan has participated in several hundred projects and events with global supply. He has presented his works at individual and collective exhibitions all over the world. Winner of many awards, diplomas, decorations and medals, incl. International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak 2015 Honorary Mention, Bulgaria, "Acknowledgement for the CGD Graphic Artwork" award / "1st International Bookplate Exhibition" Subotica, Serbia, 2015, Collection Certificates at the Beijing International Biennale 2015 and 2017, award of the R + Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin at the 6th International Triennial of Digital Graphics Gdynia 2019, Poland.

Jury in international competitions and bodies: "Posterists in the World" 2019 Cuzco, Peru, in Verne and the right to image, RINC Puebla, Mexico.

RINC Mexico Committee Member, C-IDEA China Member, & CEIDCA Belgium-China Honorary Member.

Joint-Curator at Taiwan Global Antivirus Graphic Design Exhibition / Kaohsiung Creators Association, Taiwan , 2020, and at "The 2021 Chinese College Design Competition - Zodiac Cow", China, 2021.

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan at the exhibition at 113 Gallery, Faculty of Art, Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, the exhibition consits of 61 works in the field of artistic and design graphics. 20 posters (100 × 70 cm format) and 41 figures of artistic graphics (40 works 70 × 50 cm and one work 148 × 148 cm) for the expertise. Mohamed Zakaria Soltan logo (posters and digital graphics), which created individualism, richness of posters, multithreading and a variety of colors. The elements of Arabic calligraphy merge with the motifs and symbols characteristic of Egyptian art and the image of butterflies. The graphics have very complicated dyes at the site, they are saturated with saturated and gradients. The impression they make to the emanation of strong, positive and electrifying energy.