Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer


e-mail: ctwions@ujd.edu.pl


The Centre for Knowledge Transfer & Innovation in the Areas of Science & Art of JDU encompasses a broad range of activities enhancing didactic, scientific and artistic potential of the University for the benefit of societal wellbeing and economic growth of Czestochowa, its region and the whole country. It is achieved through transfer of intellectual property, expertise, skills, capabilities and research results between the University’s facilities and non-academic community. Its members serve as ambassadors of the University’s interests in the world of business. Joining the ranks of the Polish Association of Centres for Technology Transfer, whose main goals are the protection, management and commercialisation of university intellectual property through knowledge and technology transfer in academic ecosystem, is one of the key accomplishments of the members of the Centre. Building corporate partnerships is another objective of its staff. Apart from training, counselling and information services, the Centre facilitates and promotes research-based innovations and technological advances. Its members are currently engaged in building an online course for JDU community which will provide training on the procedures for commercialisation and its capabilities.